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One of the best furniture that you can get with pallets is the bed. The bedroom is our sanctuary, the most private and personal pieces of furniture in the house. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider having a pallet bed;

Storage – one of the biggest advantages you have with pallet beds is that you can have storage spaces easily installed in the bed. This helps to save on space and avoid clutter all over the bedroom. It also helps in reducing the number of furniture you have to buy.

Strong – a pallet bed is extremely strong and stable since the entire base of the bed may be placed on the floor. This creates a solid bed that will not shake, produce noises or wiggle for any reason. This kind of bed is as strong as if your mattress was placed on the floor.

Unique designs – you can have a pallet designed to unique designs depending on the type of mattress that you have or the kind of feeling you want for your bedroom.

Lighting – one of the most important aspects in any bedroom is lighting. With a pallet bed you can easily become creative with lighting by adding strings of LED lights on the bottom of the bed in the hollow spaces. This enhances your interior design and also accentuates any theme that you might have in your bedroom.

You can play around with size – with the pallet beds you can be able to play around with the size of the bed without really worrying about the size of the mattress that you have. If you like having a bench seat at the end of your bed you can just have pallets longer than your mattress size and the extra space serves as seating space. This of course will save you on costs since you do not have to buy another piece of furniture.

With pallet beds you can enjoy these and more benefits. At Pallet Furniture Kenya we provide the best pallet beds in the region.