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There are many types of seats that can be constructed using wood and some of the most commonly made with pallets are sofas, benches and chairs. The pallet seating brings a rustic and creative charm to any indoor or outdoor space.

Types of pallet seating

Sofas – we are all conversant with sofas and pallets can also be used to make sofas. Pallet sofas can easily be changed to transform the living space to what you want. It is also easy to change the color themes for your space especially when the pallets are not painted to any color.

Chairs – pallets are also used in making pallet chairs. They can make many different types of chairs including Adirondack chairs, wing chairs, club chairs, arm chairs, Barcelona chairs and so many other types of chairs. It all depends on the creativity and the feel you want for your space.

Benches – benches are another great seating option that you can have with pallets. Whether you want a garden bench, lover's bench or a waiting bench for your office, pallets will create the best benches for you. They are strong and can last for long when well treated therefore they are ideal even for outdoor benches. You can even make bedside benches to match with your pallet bed.

Stools – pallets may also be used to make stools whether you want something you can use to display a unique piece of art with you want a bar stool for your bar, pallets add a touch of class to your space.

With pallet seating you can be able to add a touch of classic feel and creativity to any indoor or outdoor space. Pallets allow you a lot of finishing options and you may also decide to leave them unfinished as they were for the most rustic look for your outdoor or indoor space. At Pallet Furniture Kenya you can get all the type of pallet seating that you need for you space.