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Pallet shelves are a great addition to your home or office when you want to add a rustic look to your space. You can use pallets to make any kind of shelf be it a book shelf, shelves in the kitchen, pallet living room shelves, pallet planter shelves, pallet garden shelves, and so many others. You can also create shelves that are permanent on the wall or those that you can easily move to any space in the house.

Benefits of having a pallet shelf for your space

Organization – one of the biggest benefits of shelves is that they assist in organization of the room. If you love reading books or magazines then you know how untidy the books can make your space when not properly organized. With a pallet shelve you can be able to keep all your items in the house organized keeping your house tide and free of clutter.

Sturdiness – pallet shelves are unlike other shelves because they are sturdier and long lasting. With pallet shelves you can enjoy stacking even heavy items without worrying that the shelf will come down tumbling on you.

Easy assembly – pallet shelves are very easy to assemble and disassemble when you do not need them. What's more you can even repurpose the pallet shelf to any other kind of furniture that you might feel you need without incurring more costs for timber.

Uniqueness – if you love customizing your space and making it look authentic then you will love pallet shelves. A pallet shelve can easily become a centerpiece on your wall when creatively made. it can easily draw attention and capture your visitors.

At Pallet Furniture Kenya we can create unique and attention seeking pallet shelves that will transform your space into a unique and well organized space. We can also create pallet shelves of different sizes and types to meet your needs.